Other Writing

Some of my writing portfolio doesn’t quite fit into the categories of science or arts. I’m perfectly OK with that! Please find below examples of my “other” writing, or times when I have been interviewed, such as my experience of being a cancer patient as a young adult and more general experiences as a PhD student and a practising Christian.

How I secured an ideal post-PhD job during lockdown for The Chemistry of a PhD

How my Christian faith helps me to deal with imposter syndrome for Overflow Chat

Chemists amidst coronavirus interview series for the Royal Society of Chemistry’s magazine, Chemistry World

How I prepared for my virtual viva for Soph Talks Science

Cancer conversations as a researcher and former patient for Science on a Postcard

Defending my PhD in a pandemic for Sussex Research Hive

Experiencing the UCU strikes as a Scottish student at an English university for theGIST

Trying to finish my thesis during lockdown for PhD Women Scotland

My career as a women in science so far for Soapbox Science Brighton

My experience as a cancer patient using Macmillan Cancer Care services in the Huffington Post

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