Science Writing

With a PhD in medicinal chemistry, I love writing about how the world works at the ingredient level and enjoy reading about developments in new treatments in pre-clinical and clinical studies. Please find examples of my science writing for expert and general audiences below.

Science Writing for a General Audience

Hurdle Training article about PhD life for the Royal Society of Chemistry’s magazine, Chemistry World

My PhD blog, The Chemistry of a PhD, and corresponding Instagram account

PhD Spotlight for University of Sussex

Articles about PROTACs, musical proteins and the science behind puppy dog eyes for Massive Science

Medicinal chemistry vs. baking for Soph Talks Science

Peer-reviewed research

Fiona Scott, Angela M Fala, Jessica E Takarada, Mihaela P Ficu, Lewis E Pennicott, Tristan D Reuillon, Rafael M Couñago, Katlin B Massirer, Jonathan M Elkins, Simon E Ward. Development of dihydropyrrolopyridinone-based PKN2/PRK2 chemical tools to enable drug discovery (2022), Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters

Fiona Scott, Angela M. Fala, Lewis E. Pennicott, Tristan D. Reuillon, Katlin B. Massirer, Jonathan M. Elkins, Simon E. Ward. Development of 2-(4-pyridyl)-benzimidazoles as PKN2 chemical tools to probe cancer (2020), Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters

Ohood A. Radhi, Scott Davidson, Fiona Scott, Run X. Zeng, D. Heulyn Jones, Nicholas C.O. Tomkinson, Jun Yu, and Edmond Y.W. Chan. Inhibition of the ULK1 protein complex suppresses Staphylococcus-induced autophagy and cell death (2019), Journal of Biological Chemistry.

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